Survey Reports and Claims attended by AIS Surveyors

Our goal is to provide our clients with quality results in an efficient, effective and professional manner. 

In order to carry out an accurate Survey, our intervention needs to start immediately after the occurrence of the incident, as this is the point at which critical decisions must be taken which will have a decisive impact towards the survey, it´s process and optimal solution. 

The completion of our services can be divided into the following stages: 

▪ Technical team assignment 

Initial analysis of the causes of the loss, the damages produced and the insurance policies 

Adoption of measures to be taken with regard to rescue of debris, business operating alternatives, rescue measures, technical and legal procedures, regulations that must be complied with, etc. 

Compilation of the necessary documentation for the accreditation of damages and salvage. 

▪ Assessment of damages and claim´s preparation. 

Surveyor negotiation with insurers. 

▪ Preparation of final report. 

Monitoring of compensation and payment. 


In addition to the aforementioned functions, we collaborate with various companies to manage claims related to maritime incidents, incidents on land or industrial incidents. These companies include waste management or environmental pollution, crane operators, salvage operators or any other that may be necessary for the resolution of the incident.

In other words, WE MANAGE THE CLAIM HOLISTICALLY, so that your company can dedicate 100% of its efforts to the immediate resumption of business, so as not to lose customers or market share.