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AIS We provide a range of expert services such as; damage surveys and inspections, hull inspections, motor inspections, incident reports regarding machinery and control systems, and many more. We are also trained to carry out various types of risk assessments to: cranes, trucks, trailers, containers, machinery, accident investigations etc.

From marine insurance control to port operations, AIS can offer you a wide variety of services, such as:


Maritime insurance control

Motor and machinery damage inspection

Ship valuation

Sea trials

Marine transport

Hull damage inspections

State and condition inspections

Claim analysis and investigation

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Inspection of transport accidents
o Damage to merchandise due to excess or lack of cold o Condition and d...
Inspection of goods
o State of the merchandise prior to loading o Quality / quantity or wei...
Inspection of fishing vessels and recreational boats (yachts, motorboats and sailboats)
o Inspection and monitoring of repairs o Inspection for accident damage...
General condition of the Ship: Hull, main and auxiliary engines, manoeuvring, tanks, superstructures etc.
Weight control due to differences in draft
o Warehouse inspection certificate prior to loading o Weight certificat...
Deliveries and re-deliveries of ships
o Certificate of delivery or re-delivery of the ship with indication of ...
Control of cargo loading and unloading into containers
o Control of loading and unloading o Seal control o Tightness control ...
Warehouse inspections
o Inspection prior to loading merchandise o Leak tests o Inspection of...
Hatch cover testing and inspection
o Checking the watertight seals and / or seal numbers o Verification of...
Control of loading and / or unloading operations
o Inspection of merchandise conditions before and during loading or unlo...
Control of cargo lashing inside holds and/ or containers
Port Operations
Cargo damage due to temperature or humidity changes
Cargo condition control (quality and/ or quantity)
Inspection and monitoring of repairs
Inspection of warehouse and weight certification
Certificate of delivery or redelivery of the ship
Seal inspections, general condition inspections etc
Inspection prior to cargo loading, leak tests, humidity verification etc
Inspection of cargo before and during loading or unloading