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Work with us and be part of the AIS Surveyors family

At AIS Surveyors we are looking for university graduates residing in the Canary Islands, Cape Verde or any country in West Africa (Senegal, Mauritania, Guinea, Ghana, Ivory Coast…). We are looking for dynamic and professional people, if possible with experience in writing reports and a high level of languages skills (preferably English or French). 

If you like challenges, you speak multiple languages and have a dynamic mind, you could be part of our “family of experts” and we could help you with your first steps in this difficult sector. Due to fluctuating workloads, we would like to count on our staff with Engineers, Captains of the Merchant Navy, or related professional profiles. 

We read all of the messages and CV´s which reach our mailbox, however it might be the case that we do not have an opening at this specific moment, but we may contact you in the near future to see if we could be lucky enough to join our family. We are looking forward to hearing from you, and thank you for your interest. 

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